Outdoor Dining. Perfect Atmosphere. Exquisite Sushi.

Our sushi and unique omakase-style service are based on Chef Nazawaki's 60 years of experience and early training with master chefs in Tokyo.

At Spirit, you’ll find that we do some things differently. We focus, first and foremost, on the quality of our ingredients. In order to consistently maintain that focus without high costs, we also concentrate on simplicity. We host events, birthday parties and are located at three locations around Los Angeles.

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You will find everything you need to know about Spirit Sushi at the information center.

Backed and supported by the loving Los Angeles community.

Our Locations

West Hollywood 112 Center Park, LA, 10934
Pasadena 88 Valley Court Lane, LA, 10988
Santa MonicaGrove Alley Way, LA, 10956

Upcoming Events

July 25th, 2022Pasadena Food Truck Festival 123 Route 303, Los Angeles
July 5th, 2022California Sushi Festival 123 Route 303, Los Angeles

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